Labora Press Lab/ora Press The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics — Ched Myers

The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics — Ched Myers


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A radical reimagining of our economics life” – Dr Selina Stone, Sunday School for Misfits Podcast

“A timeless challenge to us – Dr Sally Mann, Red Letter Christians UK

There is enough for everyone. That’s the vision woven into the warp and weft of the Bible, through the principles of Sabbath Economics.

This is God’s vision of human living, where the world is an abundant gift. It is a vision where we live with gratitude and accept our limits; where forgiveness is not just a spiritual matter but a practical reality for the systems of debt and ownership. It is a vision of good news for the poor.

In this concise and powerful collection of essays, Ched Myers grasps the nettle of Biblical stories and parables we prefer not to take literally, revealing an ancient standard of social justice waiting to be revived.

“Sabbath Economics is a thread that we can begin to pull, to start to unravel the systems, values, and practices that enslave us to scarcity, fear, and greed—and start to knit together, instead, a tapestry of abundance, generosity, and care for all of creation.” – Dr Jayme Reaves, author, ‘Safeguarding the Stranger’

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