Labora Press Lab/ora Press Passio Magazine — Issue #10

Passio Magazine — Issue #10

Passio Magazine — Issue #10


Autumn 2022 — civil disobedience and the monastic life

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In Passio #10:

There Comes a Time to Cross the Line

Four Christian civil resisters share their stories of the first time that they decided to break the law—and risk arrest—in order to protest a cause that they believed in.

The Price of Ilmenite

Rio Tinto’s ilmenite mine in Madagascar has been continually resisted by the native population, and caused over a decade of negative impacts on the local environment.

St Clare, Incarnation, and the Material World

Claire Henderson-Davis speaks about her latest dance theatre production All Creation Waits, and a living practice of incarnation and liturgy.

Four Vows

Poverty, chastity, obedience — and keeping alive the memory of the Passion. Four Passionist brothers & sisters, at different stages of life, explain what these monastic vows mean to them.


The Learning Refuge: a photo diary of grassroots, community outreach in Paphos, Cyprus
— An extract from The Sacrament of Civil Disobedience, soon to be re-published by Lab/ora Press
Is Peace Possible? Pax Christi’s Aisling Griffiths invites us to rediscover our sense of hope
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