Labora Press Lab/ora Press Passio Magazine — Issue #12

Passio Magazine — Issue #12

Passio Magazine — Issue #12


Autumn 2023 — shared lives for a shared world

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In Passio #12:

Dust to Dust

We speak to Fr Rick Frechette, a Passionist priest raised in Connecticut who has since made his home in Haiti. In the turmoil of the beleaguered nation, facing gangs, kidnappers, corrupt officials and the constant presence of death, Rick has been the cornerstone of a Passionist community upholding life, and the value of every human being.

On Pilgrimage

Can the ancient practice of pilgrimage help us to sow seeds of peace in the world? In pursuit of that question, a group of wanderers set out from Oxford, arriving in London six days later to join a candlelit vigil outside the DSEi Arms Fair.

Being Present to Trauma

What can the study of trauma teach us about better supporting those who are suffering? William Devine and Dr Helen Holgate dig into the details of understanding trauma, and being present.

East India Adivasis & The Aluminium Cartel

Samarendra Das, whose anti-extraction organisation Foil Vedanta has been supported by the Passionists, shares an eye-opening extract from his book (co-authored with Felix Padel) on the ruthless practices of aluminium manufacters.


In the Heart of Buenos Aires: how Passionist sisters are renewing dignity for women in Buenos Aires’ slums
To Illumine the Mind: a conversation with Martin Coffey on the international Catholic diaspora in Paris
Workers of Mercy: Members of the Passionist Partnership scheme explain what they do, and what the partnership means to them.
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