Labora Press Lab/ora Press Passio Magazine — Issue #11

Passio Magazine — Issue #11

Passio Magazine — Issue #11


Lent 2023 — shared lives for a shared world

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In Passio #11:

Change Everything

Kemi and Natasha Ryan are the epitome of the DIY start-up. Their organisation, Reformed, is a ground-up, first-hand mentoring service working with prison leavers, helping them to find a path back to work and a fuller life.

In Search of New Life

Asylum Seekers take what is often a perilous journey to the UK, into a new environment where making friends can be daunting. Charities like Together for Change, with their ‘Fresh Start’ program, are an attempt to bridge this gap.

Signals in the Static

St Paul of the Cross was known for teaching people to pray. How do we pray? What role does prayer take in our lives? We asked three people pursuing a Passionist spirituality how their sense of prayer has changed over time.

Inside London Catholic Worker

Photographer and printmaker Luke Sewell captures the inner spaces of Giuseppe Conlon House, in Harringey Ladder. This ‘house of hospitality’ belongs to London Catholic Worker, a longstanding partner of the Passionists.


Seeking Susan: how Sr Susan Irwin became a nun, and how she ‘found herself’ in later life
Wisdom from the Walled Garden: a conversation with Lya Vollering on leaving the Minsteracres eco-community
Is our faith ready for the end of growth? Passionist priest Martin Newell offers a wake-up call to the ‘signs of the times’: that the age of mind-boggling material growth is over.
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